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These minutes are not official as they have not been corrected or accepted by the Wilmington Selectboard.

Wilmington Selectboard - Minutes July 31, 2002                         7:00 p.m.                     


Members Present:
  Fred Skwirut, Michael Penson, Paul Kasanoff, Robert Wheeler and John Redd.  

Others Present:  Mary Towne, Paul Myers, Dawn Nieters, John Conlon, Meg Streeter, Joan Henry, Vicki Capitani, Ginny Studer, Kathleen Hecht, Mike Eldred, Ed Haslund, Cliff Duncan, Richard Covey, Jim Wiesner, Susan and Tom Manton, Kevin Downey, and Allen Taylor.


1.                  Planning Commission Interview:  The Board interviewed Planning Commission applicant Paul Myers who has had a home here 12 years.  He lives here full time since retiring from Texaco.  The Board will wait to make an appointment until after the reply date from the ad.


2.                  Wilmington Education Fund members John Conlon, Meg Streeter, Joan Henry, Vicki Capitani, Ginny Studer, and Kathleen Hecht came in at the invitation of the Board to discuss the Fund’s status.  At Representative Bob Rusten’s encouragement they have considered revitalizing the fundraising effort.  The Town of Whitingham is also starting a fund and there may be a possible way to combine forces.  Some towns have hired a full-time person to handle fundraising.  Perhaps the cost could be split between the towns.  Conlon said they had not been too active this year because of lack of success in the past few years with a poor response.  A telephone survey showed that some people did not donate because they got rebates and did not see the need; others did not trust the Education Fund and the people involved, and some were financially unable to do so.


Regarding the oversight committee’s suggestion of a mock tax bill, Conlon said that is what they have done for the last 3 years, using information from the grand list to personalize each notice.  Tom Manton said the mock tax bill being proposed now is different than what was sent out before.  They have looked for philanthropic organizations like the Freeman Fund and have not found any.  They currently have $45,000 in their account from donations.  Any additional money donated would be given to the school except for operating expenses such as postage, etc.


A loan to the school district and other Act 60 mitigation strategies were discussed.  If the tax rate goes to $3.90 next year, a lot of people will be very badly hurt.  Susan Manton suggested that a core lawsuit is needed and perhaps money could be voted as a separate article to go towards a legal defense for the people bringing the suit.  The Board will continue to pursue ideas suggested. 


3.                  Visitors and Public Comments: Cliff Duncan inquired about the status of the defense of the Planning Commission’s design control decision and urged the Board to have Robert Fisher come in and talk to them.


4.                  Selectboard/Manager Comments: 
    1. Wheeler said he attended the Wilmington/Whitingham School collaboration info meeting last night and encouraged everyone to attend the last meeting to be held August 8 at Whitingham School.
    2. Duncan said he hopes to have the meeting room sound system plans within 10 days.  He also suggested curtains on the windows to help the acoustics.
    3. Information meeting for Article 2 of the Special Town Meeting:  The Board discussed holding a meeting earlier so that it could be reported in the papers before the vote.  Some had mixed thoughts and said the Board could explain their position of why they enacted the ordinance at the Monday night official meeting.  After discussion, the Board decided by consensus to not hold an information meeting on the indecency ordinance question, but to have discussion on the article at the official special town meeting on Monday, August 26.  That way the voters can decide whether to suspend the rules and allow non-voters to speak or not.  The Selectboard also decided that they did not want to have visual aids as requested by Mrs. Frost. 


5.                  Action Items:

a.   Paving Bids:  Mike Penson went over the two paving bids received and recommended that the Whitcomb proposal be accepted.  A motion was made by Wheeler and seconded by Redd to accept the Whitcomb proposal for reclaiming (machine and operator only) at $0.73 per square yard and bituminous concrete pavement at a cost of $39.47 per ton in place as outlined in their proposal dated July 23, 2002.  All paving is to be in accordance with V.A.O.T. specifications and all work is to be completed prior to September 01, 2001.  All were in favor.


Mike replied to an audience question that the new bid policy has not been worked up yet but there would be time for public comment before adopting it.  Requests for paving proposals were sent to the four paving companies who operate in the area.


Penson also said he will be doing some crack sealing in places where it is not bad enough to repave. 


b.   Public Sewer Connection: 
The Board approved a connection permit for Deerfield Valley Elementary School.


6.                  Information Items:
    1. Act 250 log was reviewed and no action taken.
    2. A Letter from Jim McGovern informing the Board of a changed date of a charity shoot from Sept. 7 to Sept. 22, 2002 was received.

7.                  Minutes of 7/24/02 were accepted as written.


8.         Civil Action at Law: A motion was made by Redd and seconded by Wheeler to go into Executive Session to discuss a Civil Action at Law.  All were in favor and the Board entered Executive Session at 8:54 p.m. with Mary Towne also present.  The Board came out of Executive Session at 9:10 p.m. and the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Towne, Secretary