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Wilmington Selectboard - Minutes August 22, 2001 7:00 p.m. Page 1

Members Present: Fred Skwirut, Michael Penson, Paul Kasanoff, and John Redd.

Member Absent: Donald DeJong,

Others Present: Sonia Alexander, Mary Towne, Cliff Duncan, Brian Johnson, Scott Allen, Scott Boni, William Frost, Margaret Frost, Garry Austin, Peter Morris, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Louis Beaudette, John Bator, Christopher M. Crafts, Linda Green, Francis Harris, Mary Harris, Nicole McBreairty, Colleen Doyle, Dawn Nieters of Deerfield Valley News, Paula Tudor, and Jim Wiesner.

  1. Wilmington/Whitingham Town Line: Alexander gave a memo to the Board explaining the research that she and Brian Johnson have done to date. Scott Allen, who owns property in the disputed area, came in to discuss his concerns as put forth in his letter to the Board. He plans to build a house on his land, and wants his children to go to Wilmington schools. If the border were changed, then his house would be in Whitingham.
  2. There was discussion whether further research should be done and if properties have been in Wilmington for a long way back, and now someone is saying they are not, shouldn’t the burden of proof be on the party disputing the border? The Whitingham Selectboard letter said they would ask the legislature to settle the dispute unless Wilmington can find proof. Alexander was asked to contact the Whitingham Selectboard with the information found.


  3. Memorial Hall Oil Spill: The Board received copies of a letter from Harriet Maynard of the Historical Society and a memo from Alexander concerning the spill last winter and what has been done to clean it up. The floor is to be painted soon and an air filtering system has been offered to the Historical Society if they wish.
  4. Sewer Allocation Policy: Alexander asked if low-flow credit should be calculated on the total allocation including grandfathered gallonage that was not paid for or just new allocations. The consensus of the Board was that the intent of the credit is to encourage conversion to low-flow fixtures so if they put in low-flow devices AND upgrade ALL the rest of the plumbing, then the credit should be extended to the entire allocation. Alexander will write up the policy for the next meeting.
  5. Guy E. Nido, Inc.’s application for 330 gallons per day of additional allocation was approved. The Board agreed that if the new policy is adopted soon, then it would apply to this allocation.

  6. Nudity/the Ledges: Margaret Frost read a statement to the Board thanking them for their time so far to find a solution, but she thinks there has been no solution yet. She respectfully requested that the Selectboard adopt an anti-nudity ordinance.
  7. Alexander brought the Board up to date on what has been done. Water tests have been taken and did not show a problem. PG & E has determined that they will not post the

    Wilmington Selectboard - Minutes August 22, 2001 7:00 p.m. Page 2

    area but they are hiring off-duty police officers to patrol several recreation areas of the lake including the ledges and adjacent area.

    Donald Towne presented the Board with a 1971 memo from Patrick Leahy, then Chittenden County State’s Attorney, concerning unclothed swimming. Towne, a resident of the Town of Searsburg, also thinks Wilmington should adopt an anti-nudity ordinance. He said he is circulating a petition and has 100 signatures but is not yet ready to present it to the Selectboard.

    Other points discussed included: lewd and lascivious behavior is already illegal and if police are notified they will respond; rights of both sides to enjoy the lake; measures taken by the Friends of the Ledges Group to help control the unwanted behavior; and concerns with web site advertising and possible spread of the objectionable behavior to the rest of the lake.

    Skwirut said that the Board understands there is sentiment on both sides and would like to see a compromise worked out. There are only a couple weeks left this season to see how the measures taken will work.

  8. Rader Road: Copies of letters from Richard Rader and Leitha Cipriano and phone comments by Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Defillippo were received.

Robert Silverman, a Rader Road resident, spoke in favor of permanently closing the south entrance to Rader Road. He said that since the road has been temporarily closed because of the dangerous bridge, there is less traffic and less speeding and the road is much safer.

The bridge is being repaired this summer. The statutory process for discontinuing a road can be initiated by either a petition by residents or by the Selectboard themselves. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.

6. Request to Purchase Land: The Town purchased lot # 52 in Davis Mowing at tax sale some time ago. It was later sold at auction, however, the buyer never followed through with the sale and the town still owns it. The owner of the house next to it has offered to buy the lot for the amount owed to the town (approximately $4,800) which is all the town can legally receive. A motion was made by Kasanoff and seconded by Redd to sell the property for as much as is owed to the town. All were in favor.

7. Cannon on Town Common: The Board received copies of Research from the Historical Society and a letter from Al Wurzberger about the cannon’s history. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.

8 A Pole Petition for Verizon was approved and signed.

9. The Act 250 Log was reviewed and no action taken.

Wilmington Selectboard - Minutes August 22, 2001 7:00 p.m. Page 3

10. Minutes of August 8, 2001 were approved.

  1. Other Business: Alexander was asked to speak to Susan Manton to clarify Town Clerk office hours.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary Towne, Secretary



Approved by Wilmington Selectboard



Fred J. Skwirut, Chair Paul Kasanoff


Michael B. Penson John Redd



Donald De Jong