Wilmington VT voters to decide fate of indecency ordinance

There will be a meeting at 7:30pm Monday Aug 26 in the High School gym to vote from the floor on Article 1 concerning election of Justices of the Peace. Then there will be an informational meeting concerning the Ordinance vote.

At the close of business the meeting will be adjourned to Tuesday Aug 27 for voting on Article 2 (ordinance) by Australian ballot. Australian balloting is done in a voting booth by marking your vote on a paper ballot and depositing it in a ballot box as you exit the polls.

Article 2 reads: To see if the voters will vote to disapprove the Wilmington Public Indecency Ordinance adopted June 12, 2002......

Until the ballot is printed it is not known what a "YES" vote is a vote for. Based upon the wording above, it may be that a "YES" vote is to "DISAPPROVE" the indecency ordinance, thus removing the ordinance.