Friends of the Ledges, Call to Action August 17, 2002

As you probably know, the issue of the Wilmington indecency ordinance is coming to public vote on the 27th of August. We have a great opportunity to create positive influence on this vote by filling in a gap that still exists in the minds of Voters. We need to let the people of Wilmington know who the people who use the Ledges really are.

This will serve a powerful purpose by discrediting those who are continuing to spread lies, propaganda, and misunderstanding in a campaign that may outlaw the Ledges, allow control of the public shoreline to those with selfish interests, and restrict fundamentals of freedom by allowing a highly vocal minority to rule. By honestly "telling them who we are" can easily discredit the many untruths written in vile letters in recent editions of the DV news. By doing nothing, we will be viewed, by default, as people ashamed of ourselves supporting claims by our opponents.

It is time to write letters to the Deerfield Valley News and to the local daily, The Brattleboro Reformer. Although this can be an effective campaign, it is one that must be approached in a most cautious way. The timing is perfect. This suggestion is by consensus of many local supporters, users who are very close to the issue, and experts from the national organizations. Note that this important action is in support of many other important strategies.


Do NOT: Letters can be submitted to the DV News electronically and deadline is 5:00 pm Tuesday, the 20th, with a 500 word limit. Letters can also be hand carried to their office on Rt 100 north of town.

The Brattleboro reformer is the daily read in town. Letters can be submitted at: All letters should be submitted to both newspapers.

In addition, there is not a better way to create understanding of Ledges users than with a face. Spend some time in Wilmington wearing a recognizable Friends of the Ledges shirt. Turn on the charm a bit at the line at the grocery store, etc. and you will make a favorable impression. History of people who have done this has been very positive. We have shirts and if you e-mail me or find me at the Ledges today, tomorrow, or Wednesday (21st), we will find a way to get you one. They are also sold via the Naturist Society on line store. If you want a shirt but don't intend to wear it in town please hold off on taking one until after the 27th because they are in limited supply. They are an important tool. Fashion is secondary.

A bit of time invested today may serve to protect the future of tomorrow.

Thank you,
Phil Markham

Communication Coordinator, Friends Of The Ledges
Member, The Naturist Society
Southern Vermont Area Representative, Naturist Action Committee
Frequent Ledges User
Part time resident and tourist in Wilmington

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