Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Information

Federal law designates the use of the power company land that surrounds Harriman reservoir in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project #2323-012

1997 Relicensing Extension for 40 years

Form L-3 (Oct 1975) License Extract

Article 18 of the "Terms and Conditions For Constructed Major Project Affecting Navigable Waters Of The United States" states:

"So far as is consistent with proper operation of the project, the Licensee shall allow the public free access, to a reasonable extent, to project waters and adjacent project lands owned by the Licensee for the purpose of full public utilization of such lands and waters for navigation and for outdoor recreational purposes, including fishing and hunting. Provided, that the Licensee may reserve from public access such portions of the project waters, adjacent lands, and project facilities as may be necessary for the protection of life, health, and property."

Summary of 1996 Environmental Impact Study regarding relicensing

Ref: FERC: 1996 Annual Report
In August 1996, the Commission issued an FEIS for relicensing the existing Deerfield River Project No. 2323 and the Gardners Falls Project No. 2334 on the Deerfield River in Vermont and Massachusetts. The FEIS evaluated the environmental consequences associated with: (1) implementing a settlement agreement and cultural resources management plan involving the Deerfield and Bear Swamp Projects; (2) relicensing the Deerfield and Gardners Falls Projects; and (3) modifying operation of the licensed Bear Swamp Pumped Storage Project No. 2669 on the Deerfield River between the Deerfield and Gardners Falls Projects. Proposed enhancements evaluated in the FEIS included: minimum flows in nearly 12 miles of formerly bypassed river channel; installation of three downstream fish passage facilities and one upstream fish passage facility; upgraded recreational facilities and improved whitewater boating opportunities; improved waterfowl nesting and wetlands management; and conservation restriction on the use of nearly 18,000 acres of land in the Deerfield River Basin. The Deerfield River and Gardners Falls Projects have installed capacities of 76.9 MW and 3.6 MW respectively. The settlement agreement between the licensee for the Deerfield and Bear Swamp projects represented an agreement with 12 resource agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) that provided terms and conditions for fisheries, fish passage, wildlife, water quality, land management and control, recreation, and aesthetics.
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