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- What is Friends of the Ledges?
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- Deerfield Valley News
- Another website dedicated to the Ledges

Viable Proposals to Indecency Ordinance
- FOTL Proposed Solutions Plan, 2001

The Law, Etiquette, and Common Sense
- Available in PDF (4 page foldover for 2 sided copying), MS-Word, and HTML

Surrounding Information
- Report of alleged violations to the shoreline
- Old Mill Lane Development permit amendment approving a ten-lot residential subdivision
- Deerfield River Mitigation Package

Successful management of beaches and Friends of organizations
- Apollo Beach, FL
- Friends of Apollo beach
- Friends of Gunnison Beach

Costly failed attempts at regulating nudity at beaches
- Cape Cod
- Oregon
- Kansas

Commentary by Vermont Leaders
- Chittenden County State's Attorney memo (July 7, 1971)
- Dear Abby letter written by Senator Patrick Leahy
- J.R.H 160 - Joint resolution honoring the Men of Maple Corner Calendar

Additional Information
- 205 Arguments In Favor Of Naturism
- A Roper Poll shows 80% of those asked think people should be able to sunbathe nude.
- Click here for additional information on the Ledges and Naturism

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